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Jul 08 2010

“dear miss newell, tank you for tehing me a lot of math i wish id stay from miguel” Today, I gave the kids 5 minutes of time to themselves today. I told them they could color a picture or write a letter about whatever they wanted. Miguel was the only one that decided to write…

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Jun 29 2010

the magic of circle time

“And I’ll HUFF, and I’ll PUFF, and I’ll blow your house down!” Today, I got to learn the joys of circle time. This blog is short and sweet, but I want to get it down before I forget the magic of today. As I walked into room three this morning, I realized that I needed…

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Jun 25 2010

week one.

I have never. never. never. taught in a classroom – until yesterday. I had my first go-round in the classroom of 28 first graders. Let’s recap the first day, shall we? Math lesson one: base-10 blocks. Let’s say this – I had to learn base-10′s right before I taught this lesson. I didn’t ever use…

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