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Jul 21 2010

the end of an era.

I taught first grade for 15 school days. 15 school days is all it took to get HOOKED on being in the classroom, being in front of kids that [most of the time] wanted to learn, wanted to be in my class and would jump out of their seats when I walked in…only to be…

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Jul 08 2010

“dear miss newell, tank you for tehing me a lot of math i wish id stay from miguel” Today, I gave the kids 5 minutes of time to themselves today. I told them they could color a picture or write a letter about whatever they wanted. Miguel was the only one that decided to write…

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Jun 29 2010

the magic of circle time

“And I’ll HUFF, and I’ll PUFF, and I’ll blow your house down!” Today, I got to learn the joys of circle time. This blog is short and sweet, but I want to get it down before I forget the magic of today. As I walked into room three this morning, I realized that I needed…

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Jun 25 2010

week one.

I have never. never. never. taught in a classroom – until yesterday. I had my first go-round in the classroom of 28 first graders. Let’s recap the first day, shall we? Math lesson one: base-10 blocks. Let’s say this – I had to learn base-10′s right before I taught this lesson. I didn’t ever use…

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Jun 19 2010

one down.

Today is my first Saturday on the ranch. This last week cannot be summed up in a text box – and I am not necessarily going to try and do so. This week…it’s been full of hot air, wet faces and sweaty palms. It’s filled with red spirals, learning plans and too many acronyms. I’ve…

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