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Nov 28 2010

i’m moving…

to a new site! because I can’t upload photos here anymore, I’m moving my blog back to its original home:

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Oct 15 2010

october already?

Since it’s been about a month since I last blogged, I decided that I needed to change this. Nothing new has really happened, except we finally assessed all of our kiddos, and finished parent-teacher conferences for ALL of our kids. What a relief! I will say, conducting conferences, although a daunting task, was well worth…

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Sep 21 2010

this vision we all keep talking about….

School doesn’t really change as you get older – that much I’m finding out. What does change, however, are things out of your control. The effectiveness of your teachers, the equality in the classroom, the chances to succeed. For me, the parents will change, and the faces will change – but will the Big Goal?…

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Sep 13 2010

letters, blending, reading!

Today, I got my kids to surprise themselves. I told them we had a surprise and that we were learning more letters. My kiddos have been somewhat invested in letter learning and they think our letter activities are fun. Today, I did one with the letter F, and it was like, Frogs have Fun catching…

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Sep 13 2010


I was reading a book today, one that should solve all of my behavior problems. It’s actually a good book, and as I was reading it, my roommate and I were discussing our kiddos [like usual] and why we cannot get through to a few of them. I stumbled across this quote as I was…

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Sep 07 2010

circle time? try nap time.

So, I thought this whole time that the magic lied in circle time. Little did I know. As I sit here, with 18 sleeping babes at my feet all over the classroom, I realize something. Three weeks ago I embarked on a journey with these kids – where we all had one thing in common:…

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Sep 06 2010

week three? since when?

As I’m rounding the corner to week 3 [already?] I have taken this long weekend to think about the last two weeks. This is really the first time I’ve been able to take a breath, sit down and really reflect on what worked and what didn’t in PK1. Well, then, what did work? In true…

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Aug 27 2010

“miss sadie?”

I got a great comment in my inbox the other day about my previous blog: “hope you are happy that you are taking other peoples jobs and with the job market for teachers the way it is in Oklahoma.” Well, Mr. or Miss Smith, I am happy – and not because I’m “taking other peoples…

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Aug 19 2010

the dream becomes reality.

I got my first glance at my pre-k classroom today. boy, there is a lot of work to do. I think my favorite moment was when the neighbor teacher came into our room and said, I thought I had it bad, coming in two weeks ago. I can’t believe today is your first day –…

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Aug 12 2010

the comedy of errors.

Today, Shakespeare does not make me laugh. He speaks to me. I swear, sometimes it makes so much sense when you read something and you go…oh yeah. that’s me. Well, friends, not only is that a text-to-self connection, it is also how I felt when I read this from Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors: A wretched…

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Aug 11 2010

the countdown begins.

Well, this blog title is a bit misleading, considering I’ve been counting down since February 11th. But, in TWELVE [count 'em, 12!] days, I’ll be Miss Newell, co-teaching in the YWCA, 20 [or more] hopefully-smiling faces waiting for me to do…something. As this time comes, nearer and nearer I can’t help but to feel a…

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Jul 30 2010

mid-day musings

Today, I am at the TFA office and most everyone has gone home. I’ve hit the wall, and I think its because there are quite a few things on my mind. I have known that this move was going to happen since, oh, February. I made the appropriate accommodations – I broke up with my…

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I’m currently taking a brain-break from my second day at Round Zero. Today, we are drafting our “big goals” for our classroom and I am finding it increasingly difficult to do so. Let’s start at the beginning. Our goal, here at Teach for America, in essence is to put ourselves out of a job. We…

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Jul 21 2010

the end of an era.

I taught first grade for 15 school days. 15 school days is all it took to get HOOKED on being in the classroom, being in front of kids that [most of the time] wanted to learn, wanted to be in my class and would jump out of their seats when I walked in…only to be…

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Jul 08 2010

“dear miss newell, tank you for tehing me a lot of math i wish id stay from miguel” Today, I gave the kids 5 minutes of time to themselves today. I told them they could color a picture or write a letter about whatever they wanted. Miguel was the only one that decided to write…

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Jul 07 2010

light the fire.

So, this weekend was the fourth of July, and it was amazing. I got a day off. I got to see fireworks. I got to think about my kids – because that’s all I’ve been doing lately. I was thinking how my kids are my own personal fireworks. All through institute, we are told to…

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Jun 29 2010

the magic of circle time

“And I’ll HUFF, and I’ll PUFF, and I’ll blow your house down!” Today, I got to learn the joys of circle time. This blog is short and sweet, but I want to get it down before I forget the magic of today. As I walked into room three this morning, I realized that I needed…

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Jun 25 2010

week one.

I have never. never. never. taught in a classroom – until yesterday. I had my first go-round in the classroom of 28 first graders. Let’s recap the first day, shall we? Math lesson one: base-10 blocks. Let’s say this – I had to learn base-10′s right before I taught this lesson. I didn’t ever use…

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Jun 19 2010

one down.

Today is my first Saturday on the ranch. This last week cannot be summed up in a text box – and I am not necessarily going to try and do so. This week…it’s been full of hot air, wet faces and sweaty palms. It’s filled with red spirals, learning plans and too many acronyms. I’ve…

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Jun 16 2010

my address

Because I know EVERYONE is itching to send me mail… And because you know how lonely I am here… MY MAILING ADDRESS IS: [and you have to write it EXACTLY like my model] Sadie Newell 711 E. Lemon Street #624 TFA Tempe, AZ 85281 If you miss any one of those lines, MAIL WILL NOT…

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Jun 13 2010

after 17 hours…

…I’m in Phoenix! Each TFA corps member has to go through a process called Institution after Induction. I know, it’s a big confusing, but Induction and Institution are vastly different, and in my case, one’s in Tulsa while the other is in Arizona. So, being the cheapskate that I am I opted to carpool to…

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Jun 10 2010

the beginning of my journey

This last Monday, I started what we call Induction. It’s 5 days for the Tulsa region, and it has basically solidified everything I have ever felt about Teach for America. When I came to Tulsa, I wasn’t expecting what I received. Touching down at the Tulsa airport, I was so nervous I wasn’t sure if…

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